Sale Policy
  1. All payments made for any product is NOT REFUNDABLE.
  2. The maximum period the company can keep customer's purchased item(s) is ONE MONTH without storage fee.
  3. The company shall charge 1% DAILY on the total value of item(s) purchased as STORAGE FEE which shall commence after the grace period of one month has elapsed.
  4. Where the customer neglect or refuse to take delivery AFTER TWO MONTH, the company reserves the right to sell the purchased item(s) without notice to the customer.
  5. Where the company sells a customer purchased item(s), the customer will have option to pick another item(s) of same value after Storage fee has been deducted.
  6. If a customer changes his/her mind on a product after making a payment and before delivery, he/she can pick another product of the same or higher value but there will not be any refund, (this is not applicable in case of Special Oder).
  7. Every CANCELLED order(s)/purchase(s) attracts 20% on each and every unit of item from the total number of good(s) bought by the customer.
  8. There shall not be free delivery for any goods which is below N400,000 (Four Hundred Thousand Naira)
  9. The company does not guarantee the functionality of LED lights after delivery.
  10. A customer must come along with his/her receipt or the phone number on the receipt in case of any complaints or a request for any repair.
  11. Delivery of purchased item(s) will be made within 24hours after full payment within the state.
  12. Delivery of purchased items will be made everyday except Sunday
  13. Company is not liable of damages on purchased item(s) delivered where customer refuses company to take picture after delivery.
  14. Company is not liable for damage on all item(s) to be delivered outside the state it was purchased, after the item(s) leaves the company's warehouse.
  15. Company is liable for any damage on purchased item(s) stored at the company's warehouse except items that have exceeded Imonth and items that warehouse fee is not paid.
  16. For every cancelation of sale, customer is entitled to his balance after deduction of 20% cancelation fee within 15 working days.
  17. Customer is bound with the change in price between the time he makes payment and the time he chooses his product.
  18. For customers who are ready to choose furniture must choose from the available furniture or give the company enough time to produce their desired furniture.
  19. 2 years warranty on purchased items however customer bear the cost of transportation and company repairs and return the items in 15working days
  20. where customer have not completed the sale agreement and makes payment, it is deemed that he accepted all the sale conditions.
  21. For every POS transaction, the company is not responsible for money that did not enter the company's account.
  22. No cancelation fee on purchased item cancelled on same day product was bought, the company is duty bound to make refund with 30 working days.
  23. For every special order made by customer extra charges applies
  24. The above terms and conditions are binding and shall apply to all transactions between the company and all customers.
Prepared by  T-Soft E-Commerce.